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Purchase Bibles for Teens

God’s Word changes lives! These Bibles contain Old and New Testaments and have the Camp Anderson logo stamped on the cover. These are ‘keep sake’ Bibles that the Child Welfare kids will cherish for a lifetime.

Missionaries Wish List

We are publishing this list of the practical items that Camp Anderson needs to do the work of the ministry. When you purchase one of these items, it will be shipped directly to our location. This is a great way to support the Camp Anderson ministry and to provide a practical needs that will make a difference.

Christmas Gifts for Child Welfare Kids

These Gifts are for the Child Welfare kids that will attend the Christmas at Camp Anderson event on December 29-31. You can explore the list of gifts that these kids have specifically requested from Santa.
When you purchase a gift, it will be shipped to us and we will wrap it, put the child’s name on it and put it under the Tree for that specific child to open on Christmas morning. This may be one of the most significant gifts that you give this Christmas!

Feeding the Multitude

We will feed over 15,000 free meals to Child welfare kids this year. Please shop the food list here and donate like the young man in the Bible with the fishes and the loaves. When you purchase an item, it will be directly shipped to our Kitchen. Jesus will greatly multiply your gift to feed thousands of meals to hundreds of at risk kids.

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Lost and Found

In God We Trust license plate
Please support the child welfare kids that come to Camp Anderson by purchasing an In God We Trust license plate.
Click here.

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