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When you sponsor Kenisia, for $275 she will receive a full week of summer camp, that will include bus transportation to her area provided by Camp Anderson. She will also be able to come to one other weekend outreach events such as 1. Christmas at Camp Anderson 2. Camp of Champions 3. Rock the River 4. Rumble in the Jungle [Spring Break] or 5. Suwannee Wilderness Adventure.

This gives us the opportunity to connect with her twice per year, show her the love of Christ and connect her with the local Churches that are in her area that will also be at camp on the same weeks that she comes. Your sponsorship can be a one time payment of $275 or you can choose to have reoccurring payments of $23 per month.

If Kenisia is unable to come to camp, then we will sponsor the next available student in that same area.

In the Central West Region, Community Based Care Circuits 6 & 13 there are approximately 4,522 kids that suffer from neglect, abandonment and abuse that are eligible for sponsorship.

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